Crawford County Sheriff’s Department

4235 Alma Highway Van Buren, AR 72956
Phone: 479-474-2261    Fax: 479-471-3264

Crawford County Detention

Crawford County Detention Center
4235 Alma Highway Van Buren, AR 72956
Phone (479) 474-1721

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Captain Brandon Trent Brandon Trent
Detention Supervisor / Communications
Vena Cupp
Detention Supervisor

Please Note
Effective November 20th, 2017 the mail policies for the detention will change.
Read the Mail Delivery Memo
The Crawford County Detention Center is operated in accordance with “Jail Standards”, which are policies and regulations set by the State of Arkansas. The mission of our Detention Center is to provide a safe, secure and orderly jail.

It is the responsibility of the Sheriff to operate a jail facility to house inmates committed by the courts as well as those who are awaiting trial.

Our facility is certified to house 88 inmates, however due to the large number of detainees; we often have to house inmates in other City and County jails.

Our meals are approved by a dietician and meet the requirements of Jail Standards and the local Health Department. Our kitchen is run by inmate labor (trustees) supervised by Detention Deputies.

Our menus rarely change, unless we are able to get a discounted price on the product.

To set-up visitation with a Crawford County Inmate please go to

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